As my presence on Twitter (@JoshuaSWarren) grows, more and more often I have people start conversations with "You're not going to Tweet this, are you?".

The purpose of this page is to set those concerns to rest, and to make it clear what I will/won't post to my site or Twitter.

As a general rule, I'm not going to Tweet, write about or share anything that involves:

  • Personal matters
  • Personnel matters (i.e., specifics of someone looking for a new job, quitting, being fired, etc)
  • Physical or mental health matters
  • Anything anyone asks me to keep confidential or private

Additionally, if someone asks me not to attribute them when I post something, I will respect that (and vice-versa).


Everything I write on is my own personal opinion. I'm not accepting sponsored posts, but if at any point I am in any way compensated for something I write, I will clearly call attention to that in the article.

I am the CEO of Creatuity Corp., a Magento Solution Partner, however, everything posted to my personal Twitter account and to this site is my own personal opinion and does not reflect the views of Creatuity.