IRCE Workshop: Boost Conversion without a Social Cast of Thousands

This is the IRCE workshop Boost Conversion without a Social Cast of Thousands, presented by Michael Lee, Senior Vice President, General Manager - Epsilon, Susan Kim, Chief Executive Officer, Plum District and Jai Rawat, Chief Executive Officer, Founder - ShopSocially. Leveraging social media can be challenging, and measuring ROI can be difficult.

The big 4 social channels are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Each are used differently:

  • Facebook - nonpaid (engagement) and paid (acquisition)
  • Twitter - customer conversation (engagement) & reach
  • Pinterest - brand engagement (outside of the transaction)
  • Instagram - brand engagement (outside of the transaction) & acquisition.

Facebook tactical execution

  • Active page management through non paid posts and content
  • Paid advertising against lookalike audiences, with full-tracking implemented
  • Quarterly sweepstakes that requires a like to drive engagement

One retailer's Facebook results:

  • Grew new acquisition 30% year over year
  • Decreased churn to 1%
  • Increased revenue per subscribed 2x
  • 150,000+ Facebook fan acquisition

Encourage users to submit their own images to build your social presence.

Your social strategy should be 2-pronged: 1) acquire new customers via social 2) transform existing marketing in other channels (SEO, PPC, etc) with social media.

Connect with the right fans on social - not just freebie-seekers, but intense fans in the center of your target market. Free ticket give-aways may generate a lot of likes, but they don't stay engaged with your brand.

Use social profile data to better target and personalize your offers to each specific user, which can improve your ROI in all of your other marketing channels.

Social login increases user engagement.  51% of consumers use social login. 84% of social login users will share a positive comment about your brand. eCommerce sites absolutely need social login.

In 2013, Google changed their official SEO blog to replace the word “back links” with “sharing” as the key SEO ranking driver.

Realtime social buzz legitimizes your products.

Move beyond customer reviews to photo testimonials shared with a specific hashtag.

Include a flyer with a hashtag in all of your product shipments and encourage users to post photos of them with the product.

True social engagement via social buzz on product pages gave one retailers a 15% increase in conversion rate.

Add realtime social buzz on your site to help improve engagement, conversion rate and SEO rank.

Social media marketers for eCommerce shouldn’t think as B2C, but instead C2C - encourage customers to share their experience.

Marketing via paid social media marketing is expensive - it requires more money and more resources (as it's high maintenance and requires dedicated resources). Bringing social into eCommerce is less expensive, has a proven ROI and customers do the marketing work for you.

IRCE Workshop: 10 Most Important Components your Social Presence Needs

This IRCE workshop is 10 Most Important Components your Social Presence Needs, presented by Sarah Evans, Owner - Sevans Strategy. Great content makes people want to share, care or swear.

What does great content look like? Your readers will tell you. 80% of people will read your headlines, but only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content.

Great content is trustworthy, credible, interactive, actionable, emotional, unique or relevant.

Great content is portable, personal and participatory.

Good social content needs a:

  • Editor
  • Creative Director
  • Copy Editor
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • Senior Writers
  • Monitoring and analytics

Oftentimes all these roles are performed by 1 person, but you should have someone, anyone, look at your content before you post it.

Treat great content with the reverence it deserves - create a list of all the tactics you apply to your greatest content, such as encouraging people to share with reddit, link your post to an answer in Quora, Yahoo Q&A, build it into slides and post it to Slideshare.

Define your style. Your content should stick to a well-identified, well-developed brand image. Define how your headlines appear, what your teaser/subhead looks like, what your front page photo looks like, what photos you add, etc.

At a conference, host a giveaway + Twitter chat on Twitter using a brand-specific hashtag. Provide a pre-recorded daily recap, on-scene announcement videos, live blogging, Tweeting and Facebook to build your social presence.

Commit to 5 to 10 posts per day (total across all social channels) + email + social shares to build your social brand.

Most content creators have to throw away up to 1/3 of the content they generate each day. Create like mad - generate lots of content.

Quotes, questions & quips are the #1 content method that spreads fastest via social media. Convert these quotes to images that are easy to share.

Check Reddit for emerging news and trends - Reddit often has news 24-72 hours before the mainstream media.

"If you like it then you should have put a filter on it" - the instagramization of content.

7 apps for creating great visuals from your phone:

  • Phonto
  • Over
  • News Booth
  • Whims
  • Phoster
  • VSCOcam
  • Screenshot

You should be posting more photos - be careful with photos on Twitter, because they interrupt the feed/text, but use Instagram, Facebook photos and occasional photos on Twitter.

Great written content gives people more without making them ask. Recommend other content you've created, links to import site tags within the article, etc.


IRCE Session: Conversion Drivers: Go Beyond the Like to Make Social Work for Retail

This is IRCE session Conversion Drivers: Go Beyond the Like to Make Social Work for Retail, presented by Nicolas Franchet, Head of Retail, E-Commerce, Global Vertical Marketing - Facebook and David Atchinson, Senior Vice President, Marketing - Zulily. Facebook is building systems to help brands drive discovery, personalization and ROI on social.

Facebook is launching multi-product ads - Facebook ads featuring 3 products in one ad unit.

Measuring cross-device ROI is challenging. 67% of users start shopping on one device and continue on another.

The future of shopping is personalized discovery across devices.