Magento Discuss

Discussing #MagentoDiscuss

If you don't know what #MagentoDiscuss is, check out the original blog post and GitHub repo Several of us discussed getting together at Magento Imagine to have a meeting about the Magento Discuss idea and to get something live to start the process. However, in a classic example of the "shoemaker's children" (or the mechanic's car, which I think is easier for some of us to relate to) we have yet to meet. I should've known - the people most interested in discussing #MagentoDiscuss are the people most involved in the community, who tend to be the busiest people at Magento Imagine. In other words - putting together this meeting is going to be a challenge.

What I'd like to recommend, then, is that we go ahead and setup a site and plan on hosting the discussion virtually after Imagine on that site. That'll allow people who couldn't make it to Imagine participate as well.

As I mentioned on the GitHub repo, I think that this site should not be hosted or sponsored by any partner or other company - it should be completely independent and non-commercial. So, I propose that we setup a site on a VPS (Linode comes to mind, but I'm open to suggestions), running the Discourse discussion forum software that several people have suggested. The VPS login information and the domain name registrar account information used to register the domain should be known to 3 members of the community, ideally from different backgrounds and interests.

We also need to make sure we don't use Magento's trademarked terms, so I'd like to propose a combination of the words 'Magento' and 'Community' - MageUnity, if you all don't think that's too cheesy. I think it sums up our efforts well.

If I get at least 5 community members saying "let's do this" here or on Twitter and suggestions for the 3 people who should have access to the login information to the hosting provider and domain name registrar, I'll put the ball in motion and we'll get this site setup and continue the discussion there.

And, of course, the offer to discuss in person is still open - if anyone wants to meet and discuss in person, let's do it. I'll be at the networking event this evening at 7PM.